11/09/2016 – We Recorded This Pre-Election

Recorded before the results of the US election were announced.

We had pre-election fever. Had. Recorded before the election results began. Followup conversation about motion sickness in VR and OF COURSE an update on our fan champion situation.

10/13/2016 – An Episode Out Of Time

New York Comic Con, the guy who wanted to jerk off in every Starbucks in NYC, PSVR first impressions, VR porn and premature evacuation.

Rob went to NYCC. Our first impressions of the PSVR and Gavin gives impressions of other VR systems. Is VR porn the future? Sorry, let’s change that. When is VR porn here? Now. And it’s taking over Japan.

Followup: Here’s the guy who wanted to jerk off in every bathroom in NYC.

11/1/2016 – Eight Years A Podcast

Our anniversary, PSVR, Gavin’s apps, and Pornhub wants Vine.

Gavin has a Baltimore Sticker Pack available for Messages in iOS and Space Station Live for AppleTV! Today is the eight year anniversary of Put It In Your Ears! Rob has a PSVR and hasn’t watched porn on it yet, but he has played some games. Also Pornhub wants to buy Vine.